Top 5 In-demand Jobs in 2018


Top 5 In-demand Jobs in 2018

March 19, 2018

According to an U.S. survey, starting from 2018, there are some urgently in-demand jobs. This result also applies to situation in Hong Kong, where employers from these industries are eager to fill the vacancies.


1. Software Developer

With the rapid development of the Internet, whether it is media and Internet software, games, business-related, smart phone systems and applications, or technologies including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT), the positions are urgently require to be filled. However, it is estimated that the ratio of university graduates with relevant qualification is far below the market demand, in both Hong Kong and many foreign countries. Hence, the salary level of junior programmers or software developers with few experiences can possibly reached at least HKD$20,000 to HKD$30,000.

By 2026, the market is estimated to have a 30% increase of the relevant positions, and the median annual salary is about HKD$800,000. Although the industry provides a promising future, to enter you must need to be equipped with certain degree of knowledge and training, as well as satisfying the rapid changes in the online world.


2. Construction Worker

Every year, the Hong Kong Government invests a lot of resources to build public facilities or large-scale infrastructure. For example, the MTR still has a number of railways under construction, many old districts will be rebuilt under urban redevelopment plans and a large number of public housing or private buildings will be built.

In the next 8 years, positions in the construction sector are estimated to increase by 12%. The median annual salary of elementary construction workers will be around HKD$300,000. Although the number looks impressive, you must know that the talents are paid for their physical strength and hardships bearing.


3. Financial Planning Consultant

With the aging population in Hong Kong, Europe and the United States, the increasing average life expectancy, and there has been no significant increase in overall labor income, this has led to the launch of various financial plans for insurance, investment and asset allocation. As a result, the industry of financial planning consultants has a large amount of vacancies that need to be filled. In addition to be aware of the operations of the financial, monetary and insurance market, talents will need to be meticulous, able to build a good communication with customers, and have due diligence, as to make customers to have confidence and feel comfortable in making assets for consultant to manage.

In 2026, an extra 15% of job positions are needed in order to solve the market demand. The median annual salary of financial planning consultant ranges from HKD$400,000 to HKD$600,000.


4. Caregiver

Most families in Hong Kong who have rehabilitated person or elderly people in need of special care, will choose Care Homes where provides 24 hours care giving service, or will hire at-home caregivers. Job duty of caregiver generally includes personal care, special diet, hygiene treatment, medication, safe lifting and transferring, and sometimes bathing assistance, accompany to doctor’s visit. This position does not require a high academic qualification, as long as they have received proper training. However, because of the serious aging population, and the fact that the industry is normally considered as an offensive industry, the supply of labour has a continuous decrease.

In 2026, the demand of the industry is estimated to rise by 47%. The median annual salary is around HKD$150,000 to HKD$200,000.


5. Data Analyst

In recent years, the business community has made great efforts to use big data for business analysis, and this has led to the appearance of the information and data analyst industry. Data analysts mainly study how to collect, manage and analyze data, and to apply the data at different aspects or use it during decision making process. At the same time, analysts need to evaluate the security, potential risks and crises within a business or a data system, in order to be prepared ahead. Those intend to enter the industry will need to study subjects including statistics, mathematics, information technology, digital marketing, and business analysis.

The data centre sector has been growing fast in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong has become the largest concentration of data centers in the Asia-Pacific region. In the next 8 years, the worker ratio is estimated to increase by 28%. The median annual salary is around HKD$700,000.




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