Changing Lifestyle Brings Positive Impact to the Project & Contracting Industry in Hong Kong


Changing Lifestyle Brings Positive Impact to the Project & Contracting Industry in Hong Kong

May 14, 2018

Project & contracting work roles have never been flourished and favored jobs in Hong Kong because the labour market perceives those jobs as low-paid short-term positions. However, in the past two years, notable growth in the project & contracting sectors could be seen, in finance, IT, insurance and project management areas.


Breaking Traditional Work Style

With the changed perception of both the companies and the candidates, we can see that there is a continuous increase of candidates, due to the craving for new skills within the changing roles, or the higher salaries in some contracting roles. But within the various reasons, wanting to break the mainstream traditional lifestyle – a permanent job with long working hours and overtime work without extra payment, sure that this kind of working style can be a lifestyle choice, but more candidates are trying and exploring to develop a lifestyle focusing on work-life balance. With this kind of work style, candidates can choose to take a break between projects, up to their own choices.


This change is now particularly more common for professional contracts in the area of project management. Companies want to hire temporary professional candidates for positions such as project managers, analysts and PMO (Project Management Office) specialists, because these mentioned positions are in continual demand, but short-term, especially for some skill-specific projects. Minor reason causing this change is because the skillset of a professional project manager can apply to projects from different industries and areas. Although more companies are looking for mobile talent from own region, or even overseas, candidates who own specialized knowledge skillset, or who are very familiar and up-to-date with the newest technology or regulations within industries, will definitely maintain competitive advantage than the others.




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